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Donation Policy

Heritage Village hosts a broad range of collections items and still accepts and welcome requests for donations to the collection. However, with limited funds and storage capacity, the museum must follow strict criteria when determining whether or not to accept new pieces. Factors that affect this decision include, but are not limited to, the storage and long-term preservation needed for the object, the appropriateness for the object within the existing collection and potential exhibition use. The museum reserves the right to refuse a donation for any reason.

All donations to the museum must be approved by the museum’s Collections Committee. The committee is composed of collections staff and Pinellas County Historical Society members who are familiar with the collection and its preservation and conservation needs. The Committee considers objects for acquisition based on the following guidelines:

Objects will not be accepted or otherwise acquired for the permanent collection unless the following conditions have been met:

The objects or items are useful for the purpose and collection goal of Heritage Village outlined in the mission statement, scope of collections AND:

The museum can provide proper storage, protection, preservation and conservation of the materials in keeping with accepted professional standards.

The object is useful for exhibition or study purposes

The materials shall retain permanency in the collection as long as they retain their identity and authenticity, and as long as they remain useful for the purposes of the museum.

The materials are in reasonably good physical condition or can be conserved with the resources of the museum.

Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, the Collections Committee will only accept acquisitions of unrestricted gifts wherein all rights, title and interest can be obtained, free and clear, by the museum for all potential acquisitions without the restrictions as to use or future disposition. If objects are acquired with limitations, the conditions will be stated clearly and will become part of the accession record of the object.

The provenance must be legitimate and the current owner should have clear title to the objects.

Items should possess the potential for research and study and/or be useful for exhibition or educational purposes.